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From selection to installation, our staff can help you bring your dream room to life.


window installation

 door installation

sliding door installation

 patio door installation

We service all the windows and doors we sell.

Helping you choose the right windows for your home.

NO PRESSURE. That has always been our approach in dealing with our customers.

Our estimates are always FREE. The first thing we always do is sit down with you and discuss your requirements, answer your questions, and provide information on your options, financing, and any available programs and rebates.

At Gehres we encourage you to do your research and shop around. Collect as much information as you can about available products, prices, warranties and financing so you can make an educated decision, not one based on high pressure sales tactics or limited time offers.

Here are two of the most important things to consider when shopping around:

Check references and talk to previous customers to make sure the company stands behind its products and installation work. If they refuse to give a referral list you pretty much have your answer. Most importantly, make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples” when reviewing prices and don’t get hit with unexpected charges for extras that were not included in the estimate like trim or capping.

At Gehres Windows and Doors we understand that purchasing windows and doors is a major investment, so we want you to ask as many questions as you want and take as long as you want to make the right decision. An educated consumer is our Best Customer!

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